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Get involved with the economics student organization of the University of Texas

We are excited about your interest in joining Texas Economics Association! In order to ensure you stay up to date about our meetings and activities, please complete the steps below.

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Now that we are in touch, be on the lookout for an announcement about our next general meeting, or you can take a look at our calendar to see when our next meeting is scheduled.

If it is near the beginning of the semester, we will likely have an information session with some free pizza coming up. If it is mid-semester, just come to our next scheduled meeting and introduce yourself to the officers. If it is your first time joining us, there is no need to be a paid member to partake -- everyone's first meeting is free!

If, after your first meeting, you feel like Texas Economics Association is a good fit for you -- and if you are an economics major or love economics, it should be -- then dues can be paid on a semesterly or yearly basis. Currently dues are $35/semester or $60/year and include access to all of our meetings and events for free! We have something delicious to eat at every general meeting, and we will pay for your expenses if we are having an off-campus social event.

Most importantly, you get to make new friends with some of the most fun and driven economics majors around! And our professional speakers and company trips make for some great networking opportunities for that next internship or job. If you have any more questions about TEA, feel free to send us an email and you'll get a friendly response in no time. Thanks again for your interest in becoming a member of Texas Economics Association!