The Four Pillars of Texas Economics Association


Career preparation is the most important role that TEA plays in the lives of its members. Someday, every one of us will be out on our own. We know economics is a degree that can lead in many different directions and we want to help. From guest speakers in industry to resume workshops to corporate field trips, we have you covered!


The cornerstone of our academic outreach is our free weekly study sessions for entry-level economics courses, open to everyone regardless of TEA affiliation. We also host academic panels and guest academic speakers throughout the semester to stimulate our minds and keep us current with the latest in economic theory.


TEA is more than just a student org; we are family. Whether you are a freshman in a new city or a senior looking to expand your network, we welcome everyone with open arms. Our socials range from mini-golf to movie nights to grabbing some wings at Pluckers. No matter what the event is, you are sure to be surrounded by great company.


At the end of the day, it is important to remember that we are part of a much larger community in Austin. This great city has given us so much during our time at UT that we would be remiss not to give back. At least once per semester, we round up all of our members and sacrifice a day of our time to make Austin a better place to live.